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Richard has been part of the Lake Havasu community for more than 30 years. For over 10 of those years, attorney Richard Rahnema has provided clients in Lake Havasu City, New York, and even Canada, with the highly skilled and creative legal action designed to get results.

Do you have a legal problem? Let us help solve your problem.

Please call or email and we will determine if we can help solve your legal problem. Attorney is derived from the word attorn, to formally transfer something; transferring your legal problems to us.

Attorney is derived from the word attorn, which means the formal transfer of something. Let us help you transfer your legal problem to us so we can help.

Our clients are as diverse as the legal services we provide to them. Whether you are seeking legal counsel for your business, or looking for solutions to personal legal issues, we will provide you with the individualized, effective counsel you need and the customer service you desire.

We are proud to make a difference for our clients and honored to be a contributor to our community’s continued growth. As you seek solutions to problems or strive for success in an expanding business environment, we will stand by you and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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