Dispute Resolution

Richard Rahnema provides alternative dispute resolution services (as a neutral third party) to resolve your conflict. There is no question litigation is expensive, time consuming and unpredictable. If you are involved in a conflict, we offer mediation or arbitration services.

Mediation is a process where one neutral party facilitates a settlement between two or more parties with conflicting interests.

Arbitration is a process where one neutral person hears both parties facts and arguments and then decides on the case. This decision can be binding or non-binding. Binding is essentially both parties agreeing (signing a contract) that both parties agree not to appeal or challenge the decision. Arbitration is very similar to litigation by a judge or jury trial, wherein a person hears the facts of the case and makes a decision. It is not as expensive as a trial, but depending on the circumstances of the case, it can be very expensive. Non-binding Arbitration is when a neutral third party hears both sides of the dispute and issues a decision, which either party can choose not to follow.

The main difference between the two processes is based on the power of the neutral third party. Mediation is a third party facilitating a settlement; whereas Arbitration is a third party making a decision on the conflict.

Call to find out if your conflict could possibly be resolved by mediation or arbitration. Richard Rahnema obtained his specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution while attending law school. This might be an opportunity to settle your conflict without the delay and expenses associated with litigation. We have three (3) offices and a conference room available to help facilitate the settlement proceedings.

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