I received a citation on Lake Havasu during a busy holiday weekend as one of my passengers was “transom riding” (sitting up on the back engine cover with their feet on the seat).  This is a Class 2 misdemeanor for the driver in the state of Arizona, serious stuff.  As a responsible and sober boater with zero criminal record the penalty of this crime seemed a bit extreme and I knew I needed a competent attorney to help me.  Like you, I searched yelp and google to try to identify a competent attorney that I could trust.
Richard returned my call right away and explained his knowledge of the charge and was very clear about the potential outcomes.  Richard provided me with his cell phone number and the process of hiring him was quick, easy and affordable.  Richard and the folks in his office have always been prompt and on top of my case since the first day.
While no attorney can promise the result you want, it sure is nice knowing you have someone you can rely on working for the best possible outcome.  If you need an attorney you can trust, call Richard at Rahnema Law.