Real Estate

We have experience with the following areas of Real Property:
  • Landlord – Tenant
  • Deeds: Warranty, Special Warranty, Quit Claim
  • Tax Lien Foreclosures
  • Adverse Possession
  • Neighbor Law (boundary disputes and nusiance)
  • Quiet Title
  • Foreclosures/ Trustee Sales


  1. What is the address to the Property?
  2. Who owns the Property? Please provide a copy of the deed if you have one.
  3. What is the name of your Property Management business? Do you have a property management agreement with the Owner?
  4. Who is renting the Property? Please provide a copy of the Lease if there is one and any other information regarding the tenants such as application, background check, move-in inspection sheet, etc.
  5. When did they move into the Property? When does the Lease end?
  6. How much is rent? Is rent due on the 1st of the month? Is there a grace period?
  7. Have you always received rent on time?
  8. Is there a late charge penalty in the Lease? Have you ever requested late charge if the rent was late?
  9. When was the last time you received rent? Please provide an accounting of the tenant’s payments for the last 6 months.
  10. How many months are the tenants in default? What is the total amount of money owed? How much do the tenants owe you in late fees?
  11. Are the tenants in default for any other reason? Criminal, Pets, Damage, etc.
  12. Have the tenants ever requested you to complete certain actions that were not completed? Ex. Repair the Air Control Unit, Plumbing, Spray for Bugs, etc.
  13. Have you given the Tenant any notices? Ex. Email or text or letter- Notice to Vacate, Demand to Pay Rent, 5 Day Pay or Quit, etc.
  14. Do you have any written communication with the Tenants? If any, please provide texts, emails, phone log conversations, etc.
  15. Is there any additional narrative you wish to add?
  16. Where do you reside? Will you be willing to travel to the Court located at 2001 College Street in Lake Havasu City, Arizona to provide testimony regarding the questions above? There is a possibility we may be able to have you appear telephonically. If not, we will not be able to obtain a “judgment” for the amount of money in the default, but we will only be able to remove the tenant from the premises within 5 days (Writ of Restitution).

We need the following information to create your DEED:

  1. Who is the owner of the property? Need full legal name.
  2. Is the owner married or single? Widowed? Trust, LLC or Corporation?
  3. Who is receiving the property? Need full legal name. Trust, LLC, Corp?
  4. Is the person receiving the property married or single? Widowed?
  5. Is the person receiving the property with “rights of survivorship” (if one dies, it automatically goes to the other)?
  6. Where will the Mohave County Assessor send tax notices?
  7. What is the exact legal description?
  8. Please send a copy of the last Deed (Warranty, Special Warranty or Quit Claim) – Not the Deed of Trust, which is the Mortgage. If there is a trust, please send the certificate of trust. If LLC or corporation, please send articles of incorporation.

Rahnema Law PLLC usually charges $385 (including costs) for a Deed. A brief consultation will be required before a firm price is set for your specific job.

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